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Adaptive Sports

Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair rugby—sometimes called quad rugby, or murderball—is a Paralympic sport designed for athletes with impairments to at least three limbs. Players are assigned a number of points based on physical function. Teams may field up to four players at a time for a total of eight points, with twelve people on a team.

The foundation acts as both the booster and club for Las Vegas High Rollers Wheelchair Rugby. Currently we are a developmental program with hopes of expanding to include both competitive and recreational team.

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Team Roster


Bradley Boe

Class: 0.5


Jorge Hernandez

Class 3.5


Austin Cogar

Class 2.0


Matt Bambrough

Class 2.5


Josh McFadden

Class 3.0


Rick Werry

Class 1.0


New Members Welcome

All Welcome


Sean Ladner

Class 0.0


Mark Wilbourne

Class 2.0


Ethan Ferree

Class 1.0


Pearl Beck

Class 2.5

Highlight Reels


2018 Season Summary

I am excited to announce that our Las Vegas High Rollers Wheelchair Rugby team just completed a highly successful first season! With the support of our families and local community, the High Rollers Adaptive Sports Foundation was able to send eight of our rugby players to Dallas where we became tournament champions, to Houston where we took second, and to Phoenix where we had the opportunity to attend a clinic taught by Paralympic gold medalist and star of the movie, Murderball: Scott Hogsett. At the end of the summer we will enter our second season, hoping to not only carry this momentum forward, but to improve and share our sport with more people.

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